Solutions for Android users

If you are unable to receive notifications on the watch, the possible reasons are as follows:

Reason 1. The notification permission of those apps you would like to receive notifications on the watch are disabled on your phone.

Solution: Turn on the app notification permissions in your phone’s Settings . Refer to Turn on app notifications for more instructions.

Reason 2: Your watch is disconnected from your phone.

Solution: Ensure that your phone’s network connection is good, Bluetooth remains on, and your watch is well-connected with the app.

Reason 3: The notification permission is not enabled on the Maimo Fit app.

Solution: The notification permission is turned off by default and requires you to manually enable it in the Maimo Fit app.  Refer to Turn on notification permission on the Maimo Fit for more instructions.

Reason 4: Your watch is in Do not disturb mode. The watch will not vibrate after receiving new messages while in do not disturb mode.

Solution: Turn off do not disturb mode on your watch, or modify the time period during which do not disturb mode is in effect. Refer to Do not disturb mode.

Reason 5: Maimo Fit app is closed in the background of your phone.

Solution: Allow the  Maimo Fit app to run in the background. Refer to Background activity permission.