Couldn’t track sleep/ Sleep data is inaccurate

If you’re having problem with the sleep tracking, make sure you are using the latest version of the Maimo Fit app.

  1. If the watch doesn’t track sleep.
  • A short sleep might be the cause. The watch records sleep data at night, starting 30 minutes after you lie down and finishing when you sit up.
  • Intense wrist movements during sleep also interfere with sleep tracking.
  • If you sleep on the bus, subway, or high-speed rail, the watch maybe unable to track sleep while the vehicle is rocking.
  • If you wear the watch too loosely during the sleep, the watch maybe unable to track sleep.

2. If you get inaccurate sleep data 

  • Sleep is divided into deep sleep, light sleep, and wake periods. If your sleep is disrupted, such as when you get up in the night and go back to bed, this can affect the accuracy of sleep data.
  • While in a relatively quiet environment, the watch may misidentify small motions  as sleep, resulting in an inaccurate time of sleep onset. For instance, the watch may record the time when you watching TV, reading a book, or lying in bed playing with your phone as being asleep.
  • The watch uses heart rate variability data to determine when you fall asleep and when you wake up. By flashing its lights, the watch track changes in your blood flow through your wrist, analyze the patterns,, and convert them into heart rate values as well as sleep analysis. There are limitations with the technology that may cause inaccurate readings under certain circumstances, including the fit of your watch and the intensity of your activities.