How to useĀ Amazon Alexa

  1. Open the Maimo Fit APP, and tap Device.
  2. Tap the watch’s name to enter the device detail page.
  3. In the device detail page, tap Amazon Alexa.
  4. Log in your amazon account and complete the authorization following the instructions on the screen. And then you can use Amazon Alexa on your watch.

Wake up Amazon Alexa with one of the methods below:

  • When the screen is light up, press and hold the power button until Amazon Alexa wakes up.
  • Press the power button to open the function list on the home screen, and tap the Amazon Alexa icon.
    When Amazon Alexa wakes up, you can directly talk to the watch.


  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is enabled and the watch is connected with your phone, and your phone is well connected to the network.
  • To learn more about the supported countries, regions and languages of Amazon Alexa and for more services, open the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Amazon Alexa is supported on Android 6.0 or higher operation system. For iOS phones, it is supported on iPhone 7 and later models.