Part 1: Specifications

Part2: Power on/off

Part3: Connect mobile phone to the dash cam

Part4: Video recording and saving

Part5: MicroSD card issues

Part6: Firmware update

Part7: Device settings

Part1: Specifications

1. What is the video spec?

70mai dash cam supports recording videos of 1080P, i.e. the dimension of the video is 1920*1080 pixels.
Every second the dash cam records 30 frames, i.e. 30FPS.
You can modify the image quality in device settings page. You can choose “higher quality” and “normal quality”, the default choice is “higher quality”.

2. What is the spec of camera lens?

70mai dash cam uses a 4 glasses camera, FOV is 130°, aperture is F2.2.

3. What is the imaging sensor of the 70 Mai dash cam?

The sensor used by the 70 Mai dash cam is the Sony IMX323.

4. Is the 70 Mai dash cam equipped with an acceleration sensor?

The 70 Mai dash cam is equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor that can sense the acceleration changes from front to back, left and right and up and down directions and save the collision video separately when the vehicle collides.

Part2: Switch machine

1. Do I need to manually switch on and off the device in the car?

After connecting the cigarette lighter in the car, you do not need to manually switch machine. Each time the vehicle is started (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered on), the dash cam automatically powers on. The vehicle will turn off automatically when the vehicle is turned off (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered off).

  • Some vehicles have been powered off after the cigarette lighter exit, these vehicles need to manually turn off the dash cam. And the next time you start the vehicle, you need to manually open the dash cam.

2. Can the dash cam be used without external power supply?

There is a built-in battery in the dash cam, but given the possible battery risk of summer heat exposure, we used a low-density, high-temperature battery with insufficient battery capacity to support operation of the dash cam without external power.

Built-in battery is used to finish and then save the last video recorded, preventing the user’s recordings from losing when the external power supply stops.

Part 3:Mobile phone connection with the dash cam

  1. Before you connect the dash cam for the first time, what conditions are required?

The first time you connect your dash cam to your phone, your phone must have the latest version of the 70 Mai Dash cam App installed.

  1. How to check the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot name?

Dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot naming rules are: 70mai_d01_xxxx

You can view the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot name below the barcode on the dash cam’s body label.

  1. What is the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam?

The dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot default password is “12345678”, you can change the password in the App after connecting with your phone.

  1. Can the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam be modified?

You can modify the dash cam Wi-Fi password in the App in your phone.

After entering the app, select “Dash cam Settings” – “Modify Wi-Fi password” and set new Wi-Fi password then submit.

After modifying the dash cam’s Wi-Fi password, the phone needs to reconnect the dash cam’s hotspot with the new password.

  1. How to check Wi-Fi status and switch Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi status of the dash cam is displayed by the indicator. If the indicator is steady, it indicates that the Wi-Fi hotspot is off. If the indicator is in a breathing state (that is, the light and dark alternates slowly), it indicates that the Wi-Fi hotspot is the open state.

When the dash cam is running, you can toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot’s switch status by clicking the power button. You can also switch the Wi-Fi hotspot by using the voice commands “Turn on Hotspot” and “Turn off Hotspot”.

  1. What should I do if I cannot see the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot in my phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot list?

If you cannot see the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot in your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot list, do the following:

1) Make sure the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot is on. If it is not on, open the Wi-Fi hotspot on the dash cam;

2) If the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot is already on, turn off the wireless LAN (or WLAN) and then on again in the phone’s system settings.

After doing the above, if you still cannot find the Wi-Fi hotspot dash cam, please contact customer service.

  1. Why the Wi-Fi hotspot turns on with the dash cam boot even it was turned off manually?

In order to facilitate the phone to connect the dash cam, every time you turn on the dash cam, the Wi-Fi hotspot will automatically open.

The 70 Mai Dash cam App automatically connects and disconnects the dash cam Wi-Fi. The dash cam plug-in in the 70 Mai Dash cam App automatically disconnects from the Dash cam’s Wi-Fi connection when it is not running in the foreground.

  1. Why does the phone display “Security Verification Fail” during the connection?

Security verification failed because there was no consent to the connection of the phone on the dash cam side.

Please follow the steps below to reconnect:

1) Go to “Personal Center” – “My Dash cam” interface and click “70 Mai Dash cam” to enter the device details screen. Click “Delete Device” to delete the car dash cam device from the 70 Mai Dash cam App Device list.

Note: During the process of deleting a device, you must ensure that the mobile phone network can be used. Otherwise, the device is deleted without a network. Only the local device information is deleted. After networking, it will be renewed from the cloud.

2) After deleting the device is successful, then go through the process to add equipment, to connect.

  1. Why when using iPhone to connect the dash cam Wi-Fi, “Cannot join the network” prompts when entering the password?

iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot lost password during connection may directly enter the password in a short time, the operation is determined to be illegal, the pop-up dialog box prompts “cannot join the network xxxx (xxxx is Wi-Fi hot spot name) “.

In this case, please exit the password interface, back to the iPhone system Wi-Fi hot list, select the dash cam hot and re-connect.

If the above operation still cannot be connected successfully, please click the [i] icon on the right side of the hotspot of the dash cam in the list of Wi-Fi hot spots in the iPhone system to enter the Wi-Fi hotspot details interface, and then click “Ignore this network”. After ignoring the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect again.

Part 4:Video storage and recording

  1. Do I need to turn on recording manually?

When Dash cam boots, if there is a microSD card available, it will automatically start recording and doesn’t require the user to manually open the recording.

  1. Can I pause during recording?

Dash cam is a road safety record tools and it will as much as possibly to record driving videos in order to maximize the protection of the rights of car owners. Therefore, 70 Mai Dash cam does not support manual pause video.

  1. Under what circumstances may the video stop?

The dash cam will automatically stop recording if:

  • When entering playback mode, i.e when entering an album section on the phone’s App.
  • When modifying parameters related to recording, such as system time.
  • When formatting the microSD card.
  • The microSD card is a low-speed card below Class 10, the writing speed of the card may slow down during recording, which may cause the video recording to pause. (In this case, replace the higher-level memory card.)
  • Class 10 and higher microSD cards may also be used for a prolonged period of time after being recorded for a long time or on other devices for a long period of time. Increasing the number of microSD card fragments and reducing the writing speed may also cause the video recording to pause. (In this case, use it after formatting the memory card in the dash cam.)
  • When restoring factory settings
  • When using the App to push the firmware upgrade package to the dash cam.
  • When dash cam is updated.
  1. How to determine whether the dash cam is in normal recording?

Check the status indicator on the side of the dash cam. If the indicator is green, the dash cam is recording normally; if the indicator turns red, it indicates that the recording is abnormal.

  1. How long is the standard video?

The standard normal video is 1 minute.

If you frequently enter and exit an album, videos of different lengths may be generated, and there may be time inconsistencies between the videos, which is a normal operation.

Dash cam shutdown before the last video, the length of time will vary.

The current video duration does not support setting.

  1. If the microSD card is full, will the recording continues? Do I need to manually delete the recorded videos?

Dash cam videos and emergency videos loop recorded.If you insert a new microSD card, the system will allocate storage for normal video and emergency video, when each reached the upper limit of storage space, each recording a new section video, the earliest video in the microSD card will be erased until the remaining writable space is enough to store the new video.

The use of circular recording method, you can ensure that the dash cam has been working to record the user’s driving video. However, because it is the earliest video to be erased automatically, in order to avoid the important video being erased, in case of traffic accident, please backup the important video to other media such as mobile phone and computer in time.

7.How to record an emergency video?

There are two ways to record an emergency video:

1) Voice command recording
Use voice commands “record video”, take the initiative to record an emergency video.

2) Automatic collision recording
When a vehicle collides, the acceleration sensor detects a huge change in acceleration and triggers an emergency video recording.

Automatic collision recording, due to the severity of the collision, collision angle, collision speed difference is very large, so does not ensure that each collision can be stored as emergency video. If a collision video is not found in the list of emergency videos in the event of a collision, look in the normal video list.

To avoid the video being cyclically erased in the event of a collision or emergency, export the key video to other media such as mobile phones and computers timely after the accident.

  1. How to save an emergency video?

Emergency videos are stored separately in the emergency video directory and will not be erased by normal video loop recording.

However, when an emergency video reaches the upper limit of storage, it is also cyclically erased.

  1. What is the duration of emergency video?

The emergency video is based on a loop of video currently being recorded and continues recording for 30 seconds, then saved as a whole for an emergency video. Therefore, the shortest possible length of the emergency video is 31 seconds, and the maximum time may be 1 minute 30 seconds.

  1. Why emergency video soon be covered by the cycle?

If your driving style is intense, you are often rapidly accelerating at an accelerating speed, or you are often driving on a poorly lit road (such as a very bumpy road or a lot of road obstructions, often with a sharp brake), if you set the crash sensitivity to “High”, it will be easy to produce emergency video, leading to the previous emergency video is covered by cyclic erase.

If the above situation is met, it is recommended to set the crash sensitivity to “low”.

  1. Can I record soundless?

You can turn off sound recording by voice command “Turn off recording”.

Part 5:Memory card related

1. What memory card does 70 Mai Dash cam support?

70 Mai dash cam standard supports 16G ~ 64G, Class10 and higher microSD card.

Partial capacity and low-level cards other than standard support are also available, but do not guarantee that recording can always be effective. Low-level cards can cause slower writes and errors in recorded video.

At the same time, please use the regular channels to buy genuine microSD card, the current microSD card prices, the market parallel card is rampant. There may be a large gap between the nominal and actual capacity of a parallel card (for example, nominal 64G, actual capacity is only 16G). After using this card, video may not be written after a period of recording, and a bad video appears in the video list.

2. What file system format does the 70 Mai Dash cam support?

70 Mai Dash cam support FAT32 format and it does not support other file system formats, such as NTFS, EXFAT are not supported.

When using a new memory card, press and hold the power button 3 times to format the memory card.

3. How long can a video card with different capacity record?

Ordinary videoabout 1.5 hoursabout 3 hoursabout 6 hours
Emergency videoabout 10 timesabout 20 timesabout 40 times

4. Why is there are damaged videos that cannot be played in the card?

The following conditions can result in a corrupted videos:

  • During the recording, the microSD card is unplugged directly, and the last recorded video is too late to finish, this may produce a damaged video.
  • Using a microSD card with a nominal capacity that does not match the actual capacity results in a large amount of corrupted videos after recording for some time. These damaged videos still exist after the dash cam is restarted and can be deleted from the video list. In this case, please replace the formal channels to buy genuine microSD card.
  • Use low-level cards. In this case, replace the high-level card that is supported by the 70 Mai Dash cam standard.
  • Use cards that have been used for a long time, have lots of fragmentation, and even have bad blocks. In this case, please reformat the microSD card, or replace with a new microSD card.

5. Why the FAT32 also needs to be formated when entered into the dash cam?

Memory cards formatted by other devices may have compatibility anomalies on the file partitions, so if the memory card has not been formatted within the 70 Mai  Dash cam, it needs to be reformatted before being used.

6. Why the dash cam prompts “card exists in the non-dash cam file” when inserted with memory card?

The 70 Mai  Dash cam’s memory card can only be used to store recording files and upgrade package files related to the dash cam. Other users’ own files will be judged as illegal. In order to avoid the stability of illegal files, if there is an illegal file in the memory card, there will be a voice prompt, and require the user to format before use.

7. Why does it sometimes indicate “optimizing the storage card” when the vehicle is igniting?

Some models in the ignition current output is very unstable, or when the user uses a non-standard car charger, the ignition may also be unstable current output, this may interfere with the memory card initialization. When this occurs, the dash cam will re-initialize the memory card, so a “Memory card optimization” message appears.

Part 6:Firmware upgrade

1. How to update the firmware of dash cam with card recovery (microSD card)?

Please follow the below steps to upgrade with card recovery:

1)Download firmware upgrade package, unzip, and then copy the fileSD_CarDV.bin to the root directory of the microSD card. Note: that if the name of file .bin is incorrect after extracting, please contacts customer service.

2) Insert the microSD card when the dash cam is off. If the microSD card is inserted when the dash cam is on, please turn off the dash cam after insertion.

3) Restart the dash cam, and then automatically enter the firmware upgrade process. Please keep the dash cam with external power supply in the whole upgrade process!

4) After the upgrade is completed, the dash cam will shut down automatically. After manual turn on, it can be used normally.

2. Why inserted a memory card with an upgrade package, the dash cam doesn’t respond or upgrade?

It is used to detect whether there is an upgrade package in the memory card every time when the dash cam is powered on. Therefore, if it is inserted into the memory card with the update package when the computer is powered on, it needs to be restarted before entering the upgrade process.

To protect your memory card, please insert the memory card after the shutdown.

3. How to upgrade the firmware of the dash cam with the 70 Mai dash cam?

Please follow the below steps to upgrade the firmware of the 70 Mai dash cam App:

1) Open the 70 Mai dash cam App and click “Firmware Update” on the home page to check if there is a new firmware version. If a new firmware version exists, click “Download” to download the new firmware to your phone.

2) Connect the phone to the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and then open the 70 Mai dash cam App, enter the dash cam plug-in interface.

3) In the dash cam plug-in interface, click “Push Firmware” to push the new firmware to the dash cam. The dash cam will stop recording while the firmware is being pushed, so please perform a firmware upgrade in a secure parking space. Please keep the dash cam supplied with external power supply during the push process!

4) After the firmware is pushed to the dash cam, please select “immediate upgrade” on the mobile App, and the dash cam will be automatically closed.

5) Click the power button of the dash cam, re-open the dash cam, the boot will automatically enter the firmware upgrade process. Please keep the dash cam supplied with external power supply during the upgrade process!

6) After the upgrade is completed, the dash cam will shut down automatically. After manually restart, you can use the new version after upgraded.

Part 7:Dash cam settings

1. How to modify the system settings of the dash cam?

Enter the dash cam plug-in interface after connecting the dash cam with the 70 Mai App and then click “Dash cam Settings” to enter the setup interface.

2. How to set the collision sensitivity of the dash cam?

In the settings, the “collision sensitivity” is selected and the trigger sensitivity of the acceleration sensor of emergency video is automatically saved when the collision is set. Optional options include:

  • Low: the sensitivity is low, and the automatic save emergency video is triggered when a collision occurs. Low speed collision and light touch will not trigger (default option).
  • High: high sensitivity and automatic save emergency video when colliding with low speed.
  • Close: close automatically save emergency video, that is, video is kept in the regular cycle video directory.

Due to the difference of vehicle collision and friction condition is very big, so do not make sure every collision is bound to trigger automatically save emergency video, so in the case of accident, please backup exported key video to mobile phones, computers, and other media.

3. How to set the system time of the dash cam?

Click “system time” in the dash cam settings, and then automatically synchronize the time of the phone to the dash cam.

4. How to format a memory card

The microSD card must be formatted in the dash cam. There may be compatibility issues if the microSD card is formatted by other devices.

Click on the power button of the dash cam for a continuous three times to start the memory card format. During the formatting, the indicator lamp of the dash cam will keep the blue flashing state.

In the process of formatting the memory card, the video will stop, and the phone App will not be able to operate other functions.

After the formatting is completed, the dash cam will automatically start recording.

5. How to return factory settings?

If there is an unrecoverable software problem, you can try to go back to the factory setting and reset the system settings.

Click on the power button of the dash cam for a continuous five times, you can begin to restore the factory setting, and the indicator lamp of the dash cam will keep the blue flashing state during the recovery of the factory setting.

After the factory setting is completed, the dash cam will automatically shut down. Please click the power button to restart.

6. How to reset the hardware?

If there is an unrecoverable hardware problem in the dash cam, you can try to reset the hardware.

Please use the card needle to gently poke the reset hole of the dash cam, the dash cam will automatically shutdown.

When the motor power button is restarted, the reset operation is completed.

7. How to check the dash cam’s firmware version?

In Mobile App, go to “Dash cam Settings” and select “About” to see the dash cam’s firmware version.