Please install the product following the method below.

  1. Install the electrostatic sticker

Remove the protective film of the electrostatic sticker then install it in the recommended area on the windshield, as shown in the figure below. Please clean the windshield, and remove the air bubbles between the electrostatic sticker and the windshield during the installation.

  1. Connect the Dash Cam Pro to the bracket

Lock the bracket to the Dash Cam Pro, as shown in the figure below. You will hear a snap when it is in place.

  1. Attach the Dash Cam Pro

Remove the protective sticker on the Dash Cam Pro bracket and attach the Dash Cam Pro to the center of the electrostatic sticker, as shown in the figure below.

Press the bracket mount by hand to ensure that the heat resistant adhesive is in close contact with the electrostatic sticker.

  1. Connect the power supply

As shown in the figure, run the power cable along the top of the windshield, down pillar A, and around the passenger-side glove compartment. Arrange the end so that it runs to the cigarette lighter port. After connecting it to the car charger, plug the charger into the port.

  1. Adjust the Dash Cam Pro angle

Turn on the Dash Cam Pro and adjust the camera angle up and down against the preview screen to ensure that the camera is facing the front.