1. Q:  How to enable ADAS function?

The ADAS function is disabled by default and can be enabled in – “Advanced Settings” – “ADAS”. The ADAS function can only be used after the Dash Cam Pro is connected to the GPS mount holder.

When the ADAS function is enabled, the Dash Cam Pro will automatically switch to the “Camera Calibration” screen to guide the user to calibrate the camera. Once the calibration is completed, the ADAS function is active and the ADAS warnings and ADAS display functions are available.

  • ADAS warning items: front vehicle collision, lane departure, front vehicle start.

If a warning message appears, the user will be warned with a screen prompt and voice broadcast.

  • ADAS display: ADAS information with live view will be displayed in the main screen:

1) Identified vehicle and collision hazard levels (green – safe; yellow – cautious; red – dangerous);

2) Current lane.

2. Q: How do I start ADAS automatic calibration?

When the ADAS function is enabled, each time the device is turned on, if the car speed is greater than 20 km/h, automatic calibration will be stared. The calibration process may last for 5~8 minutes, during which you should maintain a speed of more than 20 km as much as possible.

After the calibration succeeds, it will not be repeated.

3. Q: Why does ADAS calibration fail?

Calibration failures may be out of the following reasons:

1) The device camera is too far from the car front, i.e. too close to the left and right sides or the upper and lower sides.

2) The car speed during most of the calibration process is less than 20 km/h.

3) The nighttime light is too dim to accurately identify the lane line.

4) The lane line is blurred and unidentifiable.