1. Q: What kind of voice command does the device support?

70 mai Smart Dash Cam Pro supports voice control, including the following voice commands:

  • Take picture: Quickly capture a photo.
  • Record video: Start recording a 30s-long emergency video.
  • Turn off screen: Exit the Dash Cam Pro screen and turn off the screen backlight.
  • Turn on screen: Turn on the screen backlight and enter the Dash Cam Pro screen.

Voice control is enabled by default. You can disable it in – “Advanced Settings”.

2.Q: In which case the voice control function is not supported?

In the following cases, the Dash Cam Pro does not support voice control:

  • The Dash Cam Pro is connected to a mobile phone;
  • Setup wizard stage;
  • The SD card is being formatted;
  • The Dash Cam Pro is being reset to factory default;
  • The Dash Cam Pro is being updated.

3.Q: Why does the voice control sometimes not work when the device screen is off?

Please turn on the screen to see if the current screen is the album. In the album screen, the device stops recording and the voice control does not work.