1. The product is a driving assistance product that records external video footage. The usage of this product does not guarantee the safe driving of users. We are not responsible for driving accidents and other losses that result from product failure, loss of data, or the operation of this product.
  2. Certain functions of this product may not work properly due to differences in vehicle conditions, driving style, and driving environment. Power disconnection, usage outside of normal temperature and humidity, collision, and memory card damage may cause this product to malfunction. We do not guarantee normal operation under all circumstances. The recorded videos are for reference only.
  3. Please install this product properly and do not block the driver’s line of sight or the vehicle airbag. Incorrect installation of the product may cause product failure and injury. Keep the product at least 20cm away from the driver and passengers.
  4. Please keep the product away from strong magnetic fields, as they may cause damage to the product.
  5. Do not remove or insert the microSD card while the device is on. Doing so may damage the microSD card.
  6. Make sure you use a microSD card with a capacity of 16GB~64GB and a read/write speed of Class 10 and above. Before using a new microSD card, please format it in the device.
  7. The microSD card may be damaged or aged after repeated erasing and writing, and videos cannot be saved normally. In this case, please replace a new microSD card in time.
  8. The device can record and save videos when car accidents happens, but we do not guarantee that it can record the whole accident. Subtle collisions may not trigger the G-sensor and the recorded videos may not be saved in the specialized director.
  9. Do not use this product at temperatures above 60℃ or below -10℃.
  10. If the product has not been used for a long time, the battery may be depleted. Please reset the system time next time turning on the product.
  11. Please keep the product away from strong shock or vibration to avoid damage or malfunction.
  12. Do not use chemical solvents or detergents to clean the product.
  13. Please use the product to the extent permitted by law.