The device uses the car cigarette lighter as the power supply. To ensure a stable power supply, please use the original car charger and power cable. We assume no responsibility for any loss caused by the use of other power sources other than car cigarette lighters, non-original chargers or power cables.

Some cars still supply power to cigarette lighters after they are stopped. In order to avoid battery loss caused by the device’s working for a long time, please manually turn off the device  or unplug the device charger after the car is stopped. If the device is manually turned off, when the car is started the next time, the device needs to be manually turned on. We assume no responsibility for any loss caused by failing to manually turn off the device.

For a car which still supplies power to the cigarette lighter after it is stopped, if the car will be parked for a long time, it is also recommended to unplug the device charger to avoid battery loss.