1.Q: Do I need to manually start recording?

Each time the device is turned on, if there is an available microSD card, it will automatically start recording (normal videos), so you do not need to manually start recording.

2.Q: How do I confirm whether the device is recording normally?

When a normal video is being recorded normally, the indicator remains solid green and the red dot in the upper left corner of the screen flashes.

3.Q: In which cases will the device not record videos?

The device will not record videos in the following cases:

  • The device has been turned on without a microSD card in it;
  • The device is not in the recording mode;
  • The microSD card contains files incompatible with the device;
  • The microSD card’s capacity is less than 8G or its read/write speed is below Class 10;
  • The microSD card is abnormal (removed during recording, damaged, over-low write speed, aged)
  • The device has been turned off, and recording has been stopped.

4.Q: In which cases is the device not in the recording mode?

In the following cases, the device is not in recording mode and video recording is paused:

  • The whole process of setup wizard after the device is turned on for the first time;
  • The device is being reset to factory default;
  • The microSD card is being formatted;
  • The device is receiving the update package sent from the APP;
  • The whole process of device update;
  • The whole operation process after entering the album on the device or on the mobile app;

When you return to the main screen of the device or exit the above processes, the device will automatically start recording video.

5.Q: What is the length of a normal video?

A standard normal video is 1-minute long.

If the album is frequently accessed, videos of different lengths may be generated, and there may be a time inconsistency between the videos, which is caused by normal operations.

The last video before the device is turned off will vary in length.

Setting the video length is currently not supported.