1. What memory card does Dash cam support?

Dash cam supports microSD cards with a capacity of 16GB~64GB and a read/write speed of Class 10 and above. Some microSD cards with other capacities and lower levels may also be used, but we do not guarantee their effective recording. Low-level SD cards may cause slower writing and video recording errors.

In addition, please use genuine SD cards bought from regular channels. If you use a microSD card of poor quality, there may be video writing errors or damaged videos in the video list after for a period of time.

  1. What file system format does the Dash cam support?

Dash cam support FAT32 format and it does not support other file system formats, such as NTFS, EXFAT.

When using a new memory card, press power button 3 times to format the memory card.

  1. For memory cards with different capacity, how long can the videos be recorded?
Ordinary videoabout 1.5 hoursabout 3 hoursabout 6 hours
Emergency videoabout 10 timesabout 20 timesabout 40 times
  1. Why is there are damaged videos that cannot be played in the card?

The following situations can result in corrupted videos:

  • During the recording, the microSD card is unplugged directly, and the last recorded video is too late to finish, this may produce a damaged video.
  • Using a microSD card with a nominal capacity that does not match the actual capacity results in a large amount of corrupted videos after recording for some times. These damaged videos still exist after the dash cam is restarted and can be deleted from the video list. In this case, please replace the formal channels to buy genuine microSD card.
  • Use low-level microSD cards. In this case, replace with a high-level card that is supported by the 70mai Dash cam.
  • Use microSD cards that have been used for a long time which have lots of fragmentation even bad blocks. In this case, please reformat the microSD card, or replace with a new microSD card.
  1. Why the FAT32 also needs to be formatted when inserted into the dash cam?

Memory cards formatted by other devices may have compatibility anomalies on the file partitions. So if the memory card has not been formatted within the Dash cam, it needs to be reformatted before being used.

  1. In which situations is the microSD card recording abnormally?

If an SD card cannot record videos, the screen will display a prompt indicating that the SD card is abnormal. Please perform corresponding operations according to the prompt. The abnormal status of a SD card includes:

  • The capacity is less than 8G;
  • The read/write speed is less than Class 10;
  • The write speed is slower;
  • The SD card is aged;
  • The SD card is abnormal and unidentifiable;
  • The SD card contains files incompatible with the Dash Cam;
  • The format is incorrect. The SD card needs to be formatted when it is used for the first time in the Dash Cam.