Storage capacity description

70mai Rearview Mirror Dash Cam supports standard Micro SD cards. Please use SD cards with a capacity of 16GB~64GB and a read/write speed of Class 10 and above. Before using a new SD card, please format it in the Dash Cam.

The amount of content that a SD card can store is as follows (for reference):

Emergency video3570145
Normal videoShare the remaining capacity, without partition
Normal video(rear)
Parking surveillance video
  • Video storage description: The stored normal videos, emergency videos and parking surveillance videos are all loop recorded. To ensure that important videos are not erased, please export important videos to other devices such as mobile phones or computers.
  • Photo storage description: The stored photos are also loop recorded, with an upper limit of 100 photos. After the upper limit is reached, the device will automatically delete the oldest photos. Please export important photos to other devices such as mobile phones or computers.
  • The SD card may be damaged or aged after repeated erasing and writing, and videos cannot be saved normally. In this case, please replace a new SD card in time.
  • Please use a reliable, high-quality memory card produced by a reputable manufacturers. Inferior memory cards may have issues including writing speeds that do not match the card’s stated ratings and capacities that are lower than their stated amounts. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to video or images caused by the use of an inferior memory card.
  • In order to avoid slow reading and writing after a SD card is used for a long time, it is recommended to format it in the device every two weeks or so. Formatting deletes all files in the SD card, so please save important videos in advance.
  • Do not insert or remove the SD card while the device is on.

SD card abnormality description

If an SD card cannot record videos, the screen will display a prompt indicating that the SD card is abnormal. Please perform corresponding operations according to the prompt. The abnormal status of a SD card includes:

  • The capacity is less than 8G;
  • The read/write speed is less than Class 10;
  • The write speed is slower;
  • The SD card is abnormal and unidentifiable;
  • The SD card contains files incompatible with the device;
  • The format is incorrect. The SD card needs to be formatted when it is used for the first time in the device.