Key functions

Dash Cam only has one key, which is the power key. Different functions may be accessed by pressing the power key a different number of times for each function.


The indicator of the dash cam is ring-shaped and is at the outer edge of the power key.
Different indicator colors and flashing status indicate different operations of the device.

Keeping on state
When the device is turned on, the indicator is turned on.
While the device is in different running mode, the color of indicator changes as follows:

  • Green:Normally recording;
  • Blue: Not in recording mode;
  • Red: Error in recording.

Breathing state
When the indicator is breathing (regardless of color), the Wi-Fi hotspot is open.
When the indicator is keeping on (regardless of color), the Wi-Fi hotspot is closed.

Flashing state
When the device executes a temporary task, the indicator is flashing during the whole task process.
There are following temporary tasks:

Indicator stateTemporary task
Flashing greenRecording an emergency video
Flashing blueFormatting the microSD card
Restoring factory settings
Receiving update package
Updating firmware
Waiting for the connection authorization from App
Flashing redLow battery

*After inserting an available microSD card, the Dash Cam automatically enters the recording mode each time it is turned on. A red dot flashes in the upper left corner of the screen to indicate that the video is being recorded.