1. Before connecting the dash cam for the first time, what condition is required?

The first time you connect your dash cam to your phone, your phone must have the latest version of the 70mai app installed.

2. How to check the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot name?

Dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot naming rule is: 70mai_d06_xxxx

You can view the Wi-Fi hotspot name under the barcode on the dash cam’s body label.

3. What is the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam?

The default password of the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot is “12345678”. You can change the password in the app after connecting with your phone.

4. Can the Wi-Fi password of the dash cam be modified?

You can modify the dash cam Wi-Fi password in the app in your phone.

After entering the app, select “Settings” – “Modify Wi-Fi password” and set new Wi-Fi password then submit.

After modifying the dash cam’s Wi-Fi password, the phone needs to reconnect to the dash cam’s hotspot with the new password.

5. How to check Wi-Fi status and switch Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi status of the dash cam is displayed by the indicator. If the indicator is solid, then the Wi-Fi hotspot is closed. If the indicator is in a breathing state, then the Wi-Fi hotspot is open.

When the dash cam is running, you can switch the Wi-Fi hotspot by pressing the power button.

6. What should I do if I cannot see the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot in the Wi-Fi hotspot list in the phone?

If you cannot see the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot in your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot list, do the following:

Step1. Make sure the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot is on. If it is not on, open the Wi-Fi hotspot on the dash cam;

Step2. Turn off the wireless LAN (or WLAN) and then on again in the phone’s system settings.

After doing the above, if you still cannot find the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot, please contact customer service.

7. How to make the Wi-Fi hotspot automatically turn on every time the dash cam boots?

After connecting the dash cam on the 70mai app, please go to dash cam “Settings” and enable “Power on Wi-Fi setting“.

8. Why does the phone display “Security Verification Fail” during the connection?

Security verification failed because there was no consent to the connection of the phone on the dash cam side.

Please follow the steps below to reconnect:

Step1. Go to “Personal Center” – “My Dash cam” and tap “Smart Dash Cam 1S” to enter the device details screen. Tap “Delete Device” to delete the device from the 70mai app Device list.

Note: During the process of deleting a device, you must ensure that the mobile phone network can be used. Otherwise, only the local device information is deleted. After connect with the Internet, the device information will be renewed from the cloud.

Step2. After successfully delete the device, please add the device again then connect.

9. When using iPhones to connect the dash cam Wi-Fi hotspot, why “Cannot join the network” prompts when entering the password?

Hotspot that has been input with wrong password will be determined as illegal by iPhone when a second try of input happens in a short time. And a pop-up dialog box “Cannot join the network xxxx (xxxx is Wi-Fi hot spot name) ” will display on the screen.

In this case, please exit the password interface, back to the Wi-Fi hotspot list, select the dash cam hotspot and then re-connect.

If the above operation still cannot make a successful connection, please click “” icon on the right side of the dash cam hotspot in the Wi-Fi hotspot list, enter the Wi-Fi hotspot details interface, and then click “Ignore this network”. After ignoring the dash cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect again.