1. This product records videos outside of moving vehicles. It can’t protect drivers and passengers from any accidents. We shall not take any responsibility if the user gets involved in any traffic accident and/or bear any loss due to product failure, information loss, or product operation.
2. Due to differences in vehicle type, driving preferences, the environment, and other differences, parts of the product or the whole product may not work normally in some circumstances. The device may not record normally due to loss of power source, abnormal temperatures and/or humidity, collisions, damage to the TF card, and other reasons. We do not guarantee that all the recorded videos will be saved completely in any given situation. The images recorded by this product are for reference only.
3. Install the product correctly. Do not block the driver’s vision. Do not obstruct the air bag. Keep the product at least 20cm away from the driver and passengers. Incorrect installation of the product may cause product failure and injury.
4. Please use the car charger and USB cable that comes with this device to avoid compatibility issues. 70mai is not responsible for any loss caused by the use of non- standard car chargers and USB cables.
5. The memory card is not included in the package. You will need to buy it by yourself.
6. Use a TF card with storage capacity between 16GB and 64GB, and reading and writing speed not lower than Class10. Format the TF card before using it.
7. Do not insert or pull out the TF card when the product is working to avoid damaging the TF card.
8. TF card may be damaged after repetitive use. Replace TF cards in time to maintain proper recording. We shall not bear any responsibility caused by failed TF cards.
9. This device is equipped with a built-in battery that is not removable. Do not disassemble the device yourself. The battery (battery pack or assembled battery) shall not be exposed to overheating environments such as sunlight, fire, or the like. If the battery is replaced improperly, there is a danger of explosion, so that it can only be replaced with a battery of the same or equivalent type.
10. The device should not be exposed to water droplets or water splashes. Keep the device dry to avoid battery failure.
11. If the battery is deformed, swelling, or leaking, stop using the product immediately and contact customer service.
12. Do not shake or press the product. Strong impact or shaking may cause irreparable damage to the product.
13. Do not clean this product by chemical solvents or cleansers.
14. Keep this product away from strong magnetic fields to avoid damage.
15. Do not use this product in temperatures higher than 60℃ or lower than -10℃.
16. Please note that the housing’s temperature rises when the device is running.
17. Use this product within the scope of the law.
18. The magnet ring in the package box is to protect the dash cam from being interfered by other devices.