1.  Do I need to manually start recording?

Each time the device is turned on, if there is an available microSD card, it will automatically start recording (normal videos), so you do not need to manually start recording.

2. Can I pause during recording?

The dash cam is a road safety record tool and it needs as much as possibly to record driving videos to maximize the protection of the car owners. Therefore, the dash cam does not support manually pause video.

3. In which cases will the device not record videos?

The dash cam is not in the video recording mode and video recording is suspended in any of the following circumstances:

  • When the dash cam is providing operating guidance after you start it for the first time;
  • When the microSD card is being formatted;
  • When the dash cam is being upgraded;
  • When the dash cam is restoring its factory settings;
  • When the dash cam is receiving the upgrade package sent from APP end;
  • In the course of all operations after the album is entered at dash cam end or phone APP end.

When the dash cam returns to the main screen or exits the preceding procedure, it reverts back to video recording automatically.

4. How to check whether the dash cam is in normal recording?

When the dash cam is in normal recording, a blinking red dot and the icon Rec will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen. When the dash cam is not in recording mode, the icon Not Rec will be displayed instead.

5. Can I record videos with sound?

The device records soundlessly by default. If you would like to record videos with sound, you can do either of the followings:

  • Press the function button below the icon . After audio recording is enabled, the icon changes to .
  • Go to Settings > System settings and enable audio recording.

6. Can I change to a longer video length?

By default, the length of video is 1 minute. But if you would like to record a longer video, please modify in the following:

(1) Press the function button below the icon to enter dash cam settings.

(2) Select Video settings Recording duration, then choose the length you like.