1.   How to record an emergency video?

Emergency videos may be recorded by the following ways:

  • Press the button below the icon on the main interface.
  • Start the dash cam so that it can record an emergency video automatically when it detects any collision.

You cannot exit this mode while recording an emergency video. After the emergency video recording is completed, the Dash Cam will automatically switch to normal video recording.

2.  How to change the sensitivity of emergency video recording?

You can change the sensitivity of the sensor that triggers emergency video recording followings the steps below:

(1) Press the function button below the  icon to enter dash cam settings;

(2) Select Video settings > Emergency video then choose the sensitivity you want.

If you choose Disable,  the Dash Cam will not automatically record an emergency video in the event of a collision.

3.  How to view an emergency video?

Emergency videos are stored in  > Emergency Video directory.

Due to the complexity of road conditions during driving, the device does not guarantee that the video recorded can be stored in the Emergency Video directory every time an emergency occurs. If you can’t find the video in the Emergency Video directory, please check the Normal directory.

4.  What is the length of an emergency video?

An emergency video is a normal video that is being recorded plus another 30s video. Therefore, its minimum length may be 31 seconds, and its maximum length may be 1 minute and 30 seconds.