Press the function button below the  icon to enter settings.

Video settings

Press the corresponding function button to enter video settings. You can change settings regarding video recording, including changing the sensitivity of emergency video recording, enabling/disabling parking surveillance video and changing recording duration.

System settings

Press the corresponding function button to enter system settings. Options include:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot: enter to view hotspot name and password, as well as to disable/enable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Power-on hotspot: enter to turn on/disable power-on hotspot. When turned on, Wi-Fi will be in on status every time you turn the dash cam on.
  • Boot screen: enter to change recording camera between the backup and front cameras.
  • Audio recording: enter to enable/disable audio recording.
  • Screen saver: enter to enable/disable screen saver.
  • Screen off time: enter to select different screen off time, or you can set the screen to always on.
  • Speaker volume: enter to select speaker volume.
  • Auto OFF after stop: enter to select different auto shutdown time for the dash cam when the car is turned off. If you choose Do not turn off automatically,  the dash cam will stay on when the car is stopped, which will consume the power of the car.
  • System time: enter to adjust system time.
  • Language: enter to change system language. Note that the voice broadcast will change accordingly.
  • PAL/NTSC: P(PAL) and N(NTSC) stand for different TV standards. If the preview screen on the dash cam blinks when recording videos, this may result from different TV standards using between the device and your region. Please change it accordingly.