1. How to add 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide on 70mai app?

(1). Open the 70mai app and tap Add Device on the homepage.

(2). Find 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide in the device list, and tap the device picture to enter the connection process.

(3). Turn on the Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi hotspot and then complete the connection according to the prompts on the app screen.

2. What kind of operations can I do on the 70mai app?

After adding Dash Cam on the 70mai app, you can do the following operations:


Preview what the Dash Cam has recorded. Tap the icon in the lower right corner for full-screen display. The device cannot be operated when it is connected to a mobile phone.

Take Photo

When the  button is tapped, the Dash Cam will snap as a feedback. After the photo is taken, there will be a voice prompt Photo taken, and the photo will be stored in the app album and the SD card at the same time.


In the preview screen, you can tap the  button to enter the device album and view the videos and photos stored in the Micro SD card.

The device album contains the following content:

  • Normal videos
  • Backup camera videos
  • Emergency videos
  • Parking surveillance videos
  • Photos

After entering the specific album list, you can view the video or download it to your mobile phone’s local album.


In the main screen of the app, you can tap the  icon in the upper right corner to enter the setting screen, where you can set various functions of the Dash Cam.

* Due to different versions of 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide and 70mai app, the system screen displays may be slightly different. The specific functions are subject to the actual displays of the device and 70mai app.

3. What is P/N in dash cam settings?

P(PAL) and N(NTSC) stand for different TV standards.

The default TV standard 70mai dash cam using is PAL. If the preview screen on the dash cam blinks when recording videos, this may result from different TV standards using between the device and your region. Please change it accordingly in Settings.

4. Why there is lag when I watch the preview screen with my mobile phone?

  • Please check if the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on. If so, the preview screen may occasionally be lagged, because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfere with each other and compete for channels. In order not to affect the preview, you can turn off the Bluetooth.
  • If the Bluetooth is off, there may be a device problem. Please contact customer service.

5. Why can’t my device be connected to two mobile phones at the same time?

Currently, the device does not support connection to two mobile phones at the same time. To connect to another mobile phone, please delete the device on the previous mobile phone.

6. How to update firmware on the 70mai app?

Please follow the steps below to perform Dash Cam firmware update.

(1) Open the 70mai app and tap in the top left corner of the homepage to enter the personal center.

(2) Tap My Device to enter the device list and find the 70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide. If there is a firmware update, you will see a small red dot to the right of the name. Tap the name to enter the detail page and tap Firmware Update > Download New Firmware Version.

Note: Firmware download requires disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection to the Dash Cam.

(3) After the download is completed, return to the homepage and tap Connect Device to reconnect the Dash Cam. After entering the preview screen, there will be a prompt Available update package detected. Push it to the Dash Cam?, tap Push and then connect the Dash Cam Wi-Fi to complete the push.

(4) After the Dash Cam receives the update package, complete the update in the Dash Cam  screen.

Note: The Dash Cam should be connected to an external power supply during the update.

(5) After the update is completed, you can delete the local firmware package by tapping  in the upper right corner of the firmware update page.