Press the function button below the icon  to enter Album. When you enter the album for the first time, the following prompt will appear:

Each time you enter the album later, there will be a voice broadcast Xiao Mai has stopped recording.

Video type

Dash cam records the following types of videos:

Video typeRecording lengthStorage pathStorage form
Normal video1 minute(you can change video length in Video settings)SD card – Normal video folderLoop recording
Backup camera video1 minuteSD card – Backup camera folderLoop recording
Emergency videoA normal video that is being recorded plus another 30sSD card – Emergency video folderLoop recording
Parking surveillance video1 minute of emergency video will be recorded from the moment of triggerSD card – Parking surveillance folderLoop recording

By default, the device will not  record sounds. To turn on sound recording, press the button below the  icon.